Allow yourself relaxation and fun without leaving the city!

In the downtown of Ternopol is Relaks- salon “Asia”

Passing sash door and crossed the threshold of salon “Asia”, you realize that was a wonderful oasis of exotic edge to another latitude Earth. From all sides poured calm, soothing music. Head immediately starts to turn from mild oriental spices fragrant smell and sight are confined to interior decoration: the flickering candles arises interior soaked spirit of Eastern philosophy.

Elements of traditional Siamese kingdom decor, painting and decoration in the spirit of Eastern philosophy adorn the entire area of ​​the cabin. It seems that you saw paradise and felt its special aura. But the most interesting and pleasant yet to come …

In the salon “Asia” solve many aesthetic problems. As a result, anti-cellulite, modeling, toning and drainage programs achieved a wonderful rejuvenating effect – the skin becomes elastic, smooth and becomes radiant look.

We are ready to work with demanding clients.

The pride of our salon is the master – with the gift of intuition, experienced massage therapists with different techniques of massage. This specialists, combining experience, skill, mind and focus on their favorite activity. In their best to create a small but cozy space for power exchange between the master and guest  Relax – cabin.

We will be glad to have you as our regular guests!

                                                                  Welcome to “Asia” !


(Українська) Четверта новина

29.10.2018 - 9:41

(Українська) Равликотерапія! Безіньєкційне омолодження, ліфтинг, корекція…..

First news

22.09.2016 - 15:26

you can get a massage performed by male strong hands….

Third news

01.09.2016 - 15:49

Courses !
A theoretical – practical courses massage !

Second news

23.06.2016 - 15:45

You have birthday? You want to buy a course …