anti-cellulite program

imageAnti-cellulite program with cosmetic Anubis:

Intensive program for cellulite reduction , localized fat deposits , tighten the skin , which provides the best results in a short time: activate the breakdown of fats , improves lymph and blood circulation , gives firmness and elasticity of the tissues , smoothes and softens the skin .
These effects are achieved by the alternation of two processes :  phase A -lipolisis, phase B kriomodeling.


Program consists of a 5- staged withdrawal : wraps to warm , then disclosure and withdrawal of excess liquid from the jelly-like cream with olive oil and synergy of essential oils , scrubbing with finely chopped basil leaves , anti-cellulite massage with anti-cellulite cream , a mask to improve tone and toning skin toning moisturizing oils.

The procedure ” Slim”images (84)

The procedure I nvolves the following steps :
Salt scrub cellulite
Cleaning , removal , orogavilih surface layer of skin cells
Preparation for body wraps
Activator Application for massages and body wraps to improve lipolysis and elimination of excess fluid ;
Pick up wraps : to stimulate lipolysis , blood circulation and lymph flow
Wraps : wrapping in thermal blanket to enhance the effect
With anti-cellulite gel , cream or concentrate for massazha-
lymphatic drainage massage