Foot massage

Foot Massage

Thais believe feet massage -One of the basic massage in the recovery of the body .

On the feet reflex zones are directly related to all the internal organs . This is a real map, which shows all the elements of the body.

Foot Massage “Relax – reflex “image

Foot Massage “Relax – reflex “ the perfect remedy for stress , unlocking the nerve pathways , improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage treatments .During master carefully studies all the vital points of your foot from heel to toe , and activates the energy channels , which are directly related to all internal organs. This massage is performed using bamboo sticks and cream.

Foot Massage ” Energy drink “image

Foot Massage “Energy drink ” – a harmonious combination of reflex massage with soothing relaxing massage of the energy bands for the settlement of harmony and balance of the body, removing anxiety, calm and relaxation of the body , relieve fatigue from overworked feet by providing them with ease .