East – meridian massage

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East – meridian massageoriginated in ancient times in the mountains of China.  It was used by the monks in the monasteries , as an aid in the cleanup of toxins , strengthening and improvement of their bodies , in order to carry the energy of the high purity required for the performance of a high level of spiritual practice.

Massage is based on the theory of the relationship between the balance of Yin – Yang and the teaching of energy channels ( meridians ) ” Ching -po ” , which circulates vital energy Qi . If any organ or system of the body is not in order , it means that they disturbed the equilibrium of Yin – Yang , the meridian ” Ching -po  ” give to know about it . Blockage of these meridians results in an energy blockade – imbalances and the emergence of various diseases . This channel interferes with the normal circulation of Qi energy .

Masseur working on energy points and lines , restores the flow of ” prana “and promotes treatment.

During massage covers all body systems : digestive , respiratory , lymphatic , nervous , endocrine , urinary , reproductive , musculoskeletal and acupuncture.