Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

What is Thai Herbal Ball Massage?image

Thailand is famous for its various massage techniques, and the Thai herbal ball massage is one of the most popular ones. This is a special herbal massage in which a special blend of herbs are collected, put into a muslin cloth, and tied into a ball.

The muslin cloth is then steamed so that the healing and soothing properties of the herbs are intensified. This herbal ball is then used to rub hot oil on your body. As the masseur uses the ball to spread the oil on your body, the herbs mix with the oil and relax your body.

Typically, a Thai herbal ball  contains specific Southeast Asian herbs such as tamarind, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, shikakai, mangosteen, ginger, and many other ingredients. However, the ingredients for this pressing herbal sphere may differ in different parts of the world. The herbal qualities are carefully selected so that they blend well together and form a therapeutic mix that will benefit the specific ailments and complaints of the person being massaged.


There aren’t many different techniques for Thai herbal ball massage. The massage is just like any other massage. The only difference is that this massage is performed with a heated ball of muslin that contains an herbal mix. Depending on your complaints, the massage can be performed with light or strong pressure. Your masseur may also use special or specific aromatic oils in addition to specific herbs that may be beneficial for your health condition.

Massages have a lot of benefits and that is why there are so many different types of them. While the general benefits of Thai herbal massage are much like those of any other massage, there are some specific benefits that can be attributed to the herbs used for making the herbal ball for the massage. As the herbal ball is heated before the massage, it helps radiate heat through the body of the person being massaged. Heat helps dilate the blood vessels in the body and that increases the amount of blood and oxygen circulating in the body. As more oxygen is made available to various organs, they become more efficient.

This massage is done or the whole body , or to problem areas. The herbal ball come in different sizes.  Facial massage with herbal ball  can be performed as a separate procedure for the face.