Vietnamese massage

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Vietnamese massage combines traditional Asian technique for pressure on the energy channels and acupressure points to the impact on the spine and joints and muscles warming energetic movements .

 The use of aromatic oils massage allows to achieve deep relaxation , to speed up the elimination of toxins from the body, making the skin more elastic .

 Effects of massage

Regular carrying Vietnamese massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow , prevents flabbiness tissue . Slowly and gently pressing movements have a relaxing effect , and moderate or stronger – easier to balance the pain and mental state.

Vietnamese massage improves blood circulation, will the influx of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and hair. Return you a deep sleep , calm the nervous system , eliminate the negative life attitude , normalizes the free flow of energy.

This massage is a fantastic way to relieve stress .

Vietnamese massage indispensable to relieve muscle – fascial tension, eliminate blocks of the cervical and shoulder joints